Mask on Mask.

The Vestoj Residency at Palais de Tokyo

This month long residency allowed us to explore and experiment under the umbrella of the Palais de Tokyo’s La Manutention initiative, which has allowed artists to develop their practice, initiate collaborations and create new work since 2017. For Vestoj this culminated in three evenings themed as our most recent issues: On Failure, On Masculinities and On Authenticity. Each theme was investigated through music, dance, films, installations and performance.

Welcome to an Evening Dedicated to Authenticity

What does a Michael Jackson impersonator, a drag king, a conceptual clothing company, an improv actor, a smell artist and a robot have in common with socks crafted in a DIY Off-White workshop? Well that’s for us to know and you to find out.

Collaborators: London College of Fashion, Sissel Tolaas, MJLIL, Jésus la Vidange, BLESS, Georgian Badal, Guillaume Sorge, Maxime Robert, Esteban Perroy.

Photographs by Ayka Lux

Thank you to Vittoria Mattarese, Manon Klein and Alice Guidicenti.