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Anja Aronowsky Cronberg: Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Anja gained her BA in Fine Art by knitting and embroidering at Central Saint Martin’s, and her MA, with distinction, in History of Design, at the Royal College of Art where she became an expert at the vintage phenomenon. She decided to set up Vestoj as a platform for critical thinking on fashion in 2009, and today also works as a Senior Research Fellow in Fashion Theory and Practice at London College of Fashion. She loves fashion because it never stands still.

Alice Hines: Online Editor
Alice is a Brown University graduate with a degree in Comparative Literature, now based in New York City. She covers art, fashion and consumer culture for publications like the Village Voice, The New Yorker, and New York Magazine, and is as curious about LVMH’s latest marketing ploy as she is about men peddling counterfeit Vuitton bags on Canal Street.

Valerio & Sara Tamagnini, Studio Blanco: Art Director and Designer
Valerio and Sara have been running Studio Blanco from Reggio Emilia since 2005. Their client list is long and varied, and includes all from the newspaper Corriere della Sera to fashion houses like Max Mara. They have also curated photography exhibitions, artists’ editions and festivals, and once designed a pack of tarot cards that proved awfully effective.

Karinna Nobbs: Social Media Editor
Karinna started her long career in fashion as a visual merchandiser before becoming an academic who has lectured far and wide – from Glasgow and London to New York and New Dehli. She is particularly interested in the digitalisation of speciality retail formats and the form and function of visual social media within fashion, and today she spends her time strategising and advising creative agencies, fashion brands and fashion-tech start-ups.


Kion You is a student at Brown University studying English. He writes about arts for campus publications and teaches at the local elementary school. He works with Alice Hines, and is interested in how Japanese people have modified and bettered American heritage clothing.